Rather than learning alone, you will learn together with a global community of ambitious professionals, like yourself.


Start December 5

We will meet twice a week during PRO-level LIVE online workshops (2-3h long each). Before that, you will receive access to ESSENTIAL video training. Of course, all LIVE sessions will be recorded so you wont miss a thing!

No coding

Our classes cut through the data science jargon to deliver exactly what you need to run an AI project of any size. And you won’t have to write a single line of code!

Become successful AI Project and Product Manager

After the program

Project and Product Managers

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    You are the leading expert on AI in your company.
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    Data scientists and vendors communicate with you with respect.
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    You deliver AI projects that drive the results and bring value to the business.
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    You have a chance to earn a handsome salary while working on the most exciting projects and the most talented people in tech.

Executives and Directors

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    You lead digital transformation in your company with much more confidence.
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    You are the market front-runner – now, let the others follow you!
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    You know what technology is available and how can it benefit your business.
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    You learn from experienced practitioners – those who know what really works because they tried it. No fluff, hype or theories – just pure expertise.

The future belongs to AI

While many industries are struggling, AI is flourishing.

According to PwC, "AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined. Of this, $6.6 trillion is likely to come from increased productivity and $9.1 trillion is likely to come from consumption-side effects."

Use your time wisely

Demand for AI experts is growing, so do salaries. Artificial Intelligence Specialists make an average salary of $120-150k+ per year. And that's before handsome bonuses.

Meet your instructor

Maria Parysz

My mission is to get 1 million people into AI Management – not just data scientists.

The industry needs all kinds of people, and it needs them now. The current job market is like a sponge, ready to absorb (and reward) an unprecedented amount of professionals with the right skill set – and I will equip you with that skill set.

My passion for data science allowed me to manage dozens of exciting projects around the world and culminated with me becoming the CEO of my own company. It’s a trajectory I not only experienced but also witnessed countless times in the industry – and there’s no reason why you couldn’t follow the same trajectory.

Here are a couple of things I’m proud of:

I’m a founder of Kaggle Days – the largest data science community in the world, bringing together 7 million most brilliant thinkers in the field to further the progress of data science for the common good.

I’ve worked on countless projects for companies at the top of their respective industries, such as Sephora, Rolls-Royce, Fendi, and many more.

Some of my other credentials: certified innovation manager (with over 15 years of experience), PMP holder, and Agile ambassador.

I’ve been a speaker at Google Next in San Francisco, Gitex and AI Everything in Dubai, and several other events in London, Tokyo, Paris, Warsaw, and Beijing

I’m a co-founder and CEO of LogicAI, where we work on projects related to recommendations for search engines, fraud detection, scheduling optimization and prediction algorithms.

I’m also Ph.D. Researcher in AI at DCU and visiting professor at various universities.

Over the years I’ve worked as certified Project Manager for 50+ international AI projects for brands like:

Our impressive guests

Drawing on her vast network, Maria has managed to secure amazing interviewees who are going to share their expertise with you at no additional cost: Data Scientists and Engineers, AI Managers and Project Managers, and even an occasional AI Architect. Stay tuned – more exciting news will follow!

A program with an extraordinary mission...

You may wonder – what do AI and Elephants have in common?

First of all, Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on our planet. The cortex of an elephant's brain has as many neurons as a human brain. Elephants have exceptional memory, cooperate with each other, and demonstrate self-awareness. They also like to engage in play :)

Secondly, we wanted to create a program with a mission bigger than just making money. Every quarter, we donate Save The Elephants Foundation using revenues from the course.

What is more, one of the suggested projects in the PRO module is to find ways to save elephants using AI – and we pass these ideas to the Foundation.

Let's use AI for good!

How the course works?

4 steps to your mastery
in AI Project Management

Our program consists of two modules: ESSENTIALS and PRO.

ESSENTIALS is a self-paced course that includes 8 hours of high-quality video lessons. You can watch them anytime and anywhere. Once you complete the ESSENTIALS, you’re welcome to strengthen your knowledge with the PRO cohort.

PRO is a deep dive, cohort-based program, featuring weekly LIVE online classes on storytelling with data, digital transformation, UX for AI solutions, and loads of super-interesting case studies.

And the best part? All the participants of the PRO cohort will take part in the CAPSTONE PROJECT with feedback from Maria and other peers.

After all of this, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can use to boost your credibility in the world of AI.


8 hours of video training


8 hours of video training


LIVE Q&A session with Maria once per month


8 hours of video training


LIVE Q&A session with Maria once per quarter

How to grow your career in AI?

Find your way on the career map in AI. Understand what makes a good AI manager.

How to enter the AI world?

Speak the language of AI. Debunk the myths about AI.

Strong AI Essentials - let’s break the slang!

How AI technologies works. Essential Data Science concepts, like data, algorithm. Get familiar with the data science process. Understand the importance of data.

AI applications

Point to the AI applications that are around you. Understand Gartner hype cycle and curve of new technologies. Get familiar with 12 key AI applications, like NLP or computer vision. Deconstruct AI technologies standing behind commercial products. Verify what technologies are the best for solving a particular business problem. Know which AI areas of application are the most promising for managers.

How to manage AI projects?

Select the best AI projects for your company. Understand most common AI challenges and acquire best practices to solve them. Get familiar with CRISP-DM and other methodologies used in AI. Master the practical data science project lifecycle. Be aware of why Scrum and Agile might not be the best solution for AI projects.

Get free demo: AI Myths

How to handle teams in AI projects?

Recruit your Data Science Team. Effectively communicate with your Data Science Team. Decide between data science team models. Adapt best practices from building a data science team.

Understanding why data is the new oil?

Master data management. Choose the best technology for data management. Visualize your data. Deeply understand data sources. Get familiar with a digital footprint.

How to make AI understand humans?

Apply Responsible AI and Ethical AI in everyday projects..


20 PRO-level Workshops
+ Capstone Project
+ Special Guests

LIVE, online workshops every Thursday and Friday 2-5 pm GMT
starting December 5, 2022.
All sessions will be recorded so you can re-watch them anytime, regardless your time zone.


10 weeks


4 hours per week


PRO Live Workshops


Capstone project


Special Guests


Access to Community


12 weeks


4-5 hours per week


PRO Live Workshops


Capstone Project


Special Guests


Access to Community

AI project portfolio

How to choose the right set of projects. AI portfolio management. Idea evaluation.


Deep dive into ethical topics. Understanding what companies do to avoid ethical challenges. What does AI ethicist does, what does manager need to do in terms of ethics.

DS project processes and CRISP DM

Deep dive into data science management process, step by step. CRISP aproach. Lean Startup approach. Agile and Scrum approach. Using real-life project example to present the process.


Additional datasets, data cleansing, choosing right datasets. Data visualization and data storytelling - deep dive and tools.

AI project planning

Estimates, metrics, KPI's.


EDA presented on case studies.

Deep dive into data science

eature engineering, prototyping, regularization, debugging, tuning, cross-validation.

Types of algorithms

Analysis of DS algorithms and examples of application.

Digitalization, Transformation and AI strategy

Examples of Digitalization processes, how to build an AI strategy for your company.

ML ops

Development and maintenance process.

Decision intelligence

How to use AI for decision making in your company.


Deep dive into AI and data science team management.

UX of AI solutions

Best UX practices for AI projects.

AI applications

Deep dive into types of AI solutions (12 + additional ones) with application examples.

AI techniques application

Solve problems in various industries: Banking&Finance, Health, Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Media, Real estate, Transportation.

AI project pitfalls

Example of a couple of AI projects and analysis why they failed.

Data scientist technology stack

Presentation of technology stack of a DS, step by step.

Enterprise AI, auto ML, and cloud solutions

Overview of solutions.

Introduction to Security

Introductory session on security aspects of DS projects.

🏆 Project’s Showcase

And of course our Global Graduation Party! 🎉

What will you build?

Capstone Project

PRO course will provide you with a great opportunity to work on an AI project, based on real-life cases, carefully selected by our team.

You will learn in practice how to select the right technology to solve the business challenge, prepare an AI business case, plan the AI project including data approach, and structure a project team. Everything to prepare you for launching a real-life AI project.

Mentors will support you throughout the course so you and your team learn practical AI knowledge.

In the end, you will gather feedback about your project from our community, and the best projects will be selected and presented during the Graduation Party.

Here are some examples of our Artificial Intelligence projects:

  • fiber_manual_record
    You work in the eCommerce business and want to predict what customers might want to buy during Black Friday, to better manage your stock.
  • fiber_manual_record
    You work in a financial institution and you want to solve the problem of customers not repaying their loans.
  • fiber_manual_record
    You work in an NGO and want to save Elephants using advanced AI models.
  • fiber_manual_record
    You work at a university and you want to provide better student support by monitoring students’ data thoroughly, lesson plans, study guides, frequency of revision and more.
  • fiber_manual_record
    You work in an agriculture company and you want to identify defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

Oh, and did we forget to mention...

You are getting a Certificate
of Achievement

Once you complete the PRO course and share the results of your Capstone Project, you’ll receive a Certificate that you can integrate with your LinkedIn profile. This is your pass to a career in AI management.

Re-watch our webinars and get inspired to join us!

Enrollment is open! Take your seat in the best price.

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Fundamental knowledge for all executives and directors.

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    8 hours of video training to watch anytime.
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    LIVE Q&A with Maria once per quarter.
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    Certificate of Completion.
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    24-month access to all videos and updates.
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    $99 discount for PRO when you will be ready.
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    14 Days Money-back Guarantee.

Full Program

Elephant AI PROTM

Deep-dive, cohort-based program for project and product managers.

Enroll now
Enrollment for the new cohort will be announced soon, in the meantime, we encourage you to take the Essentials course!
Everything from the ESSENTIALS plus:
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    12 weeks of intense learning with Maria Parysz and other expert instructors.
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    20 PRO-level LIVE workshops, twice a week.
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    Over 40 hours of LIVE workshops + recordings.
  • fiber_manual_record
    Capstone Project with Maria's feedback.
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    Community Access - Private Group Chat
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    Elephant AI PROTM Certificate of Completion.
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    14 Days Money-back Guarantee.
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    Securing a future for elephants by supporting Save the Elephants foundation 🐘😀

14 Days No-Questions-Asked
Money-back Guarantee

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    Demo video lesson – 5 AI Myths and how to respond to them
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    Recordings of our "How to become AI Manager" webinars (!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, we offer 14 Days No-Questions-Asked Money-back Guarantee so you don't risk anything. We've put tremendous work into this course and we're confident about its quality. If you're not convinced, email us within the first 14-days after the course start and we will refund you 100% of the payment. A few words of feedback would be great!
Can I get an invoice?
You can also ask us for an invoice after the purchase – just send us an email with your company data.
Is it possible to pay in installments?
Yes, please contact us if you want to split a payment for the course into 3 interest-free installments (
Can I get the fee reimbursed by my company?
Most of our students have reported successful reimbursements so it's definitely worth a try! Please check our email template for your manager or HR department. Good luck!
When and how will I receive access?
Access to ESSENTIALS video course you will receive immediately. Access to PRO cohort a few days before December 6 when the next cohort starts. You will receive welcome emails with information about how to log in to our course platform with all further details and materials.
When it starts and how long do I have access?
PRO course starts December 6 and lasts 12 weeks including all LIVE workshops with us. Access to ESSENTIALS video course you will receive immediately after purchase – we advise watching all the lessons before PRO cohort starts! You receive 24-month access to all recordings, future updates, and our community!
How long the PRO course lasts?
The course lasts 12 weeks from the December 9, 2022 to March 2023.
Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
Every student of the PRO course who completes the Capstone Project receives a certificate of completion. Also, students of ESSENTIALS who passed the test. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile – with @ElephantAI mention if you wish, thank you :)
How PRO differentiates from ESSENTIALS?
ESSENTIALS is 8 hours of video training – pre-recorded video lessons to watch at your own pace. PRO is an interactive, 12-week program based on over 20 LIVE workshops with deep dive insights and case studies. At the heart of PRO is Capstone Project you work on during the course together with other peers. to put your new skills and knowledge into practice. At the end of the PRO course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can think about ESSENTIALS like pre-work before enrolling PRO course where the true magic happens!
Is this course not too basic / too advanced?
If these goals resonate with you, this course is definitely for you!
• You are able to use the power of AI to make business processes smarter and more effective.
• You become prepared for managing global AI projects, including managing Data Science team members and verifying vendors’ offers.  
• You get an ultimate package of knowledge on AI and Data Science that will allow you to pick the right AI projects, the right people, and lead your company through digitalization.

Usually, Elephant AI learners are between 2-10 years into their career and they come from all sorts of career backgrounds, including tech, consulting, the Fortune 500, startups, financial services & banking, law, public policy, and many other industries!

What they have. in common is a huge passion for AI, optimism, and excitement that comes from learning in the community rather than alone! You will meet many beginners as well as professionals already working on AI projects – that's the spirit of online courses like this one!
What time are the live sessions in PRO course?
LIVE workshops will be hosted every Thursday and Friday 2-5 pm GMT, starting December 6, 2022. All sessions will be recorded so you can re-watch them anytime. On top of that, we'll host Guest Seminars.
I work full-time, do you record LIVE classes?
We tailor schedules for full-time professionals. That's why we record every live session and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience. However, we highly advise LIVE participation to ask questions and build relationships with our community!
Couldn’t I find this material online for free?
Excellent question! Elephant AI consists on 28 modules and dozens of hours of deep-dive workshops packed with know-how and insights shared only during private workshops for top companies. You can't find such well-structured knowledge anywhere else and definitely not for free. What is more, you get only the most up-to-date knowledge.
Will I get direct feedback from Maria?
Sure! During the PRO course, you will work on Capstone Project for which you will receive Maria's feedback. What is more, you can ask your questions during weekly LIVE sessions and on our course platform. There are so many ways to interact with Maria and other peers in that course! That's the best part!
Will my projects remain confidential?
Of course! Upon submission, simply flag it as confidential, and we will not share your project beyond our team.
Is the number of seats limited?
Yes, to keep the PRO courses at their best quality, we allow a maximum of 50 students per cohort but only 30 seats are discounted so hurry up :)
What other courses do you have?
We are 100% focused on Elephant AI and don't offer any additional courses at the moment.
I have another question! How to contact you?
Sure – email us at!

Contact us

Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to dive into any specific questions you have.

Kate Marcyniuk
Course Coordinator

In the digital economy, data is the new oil.
Become the one who knows how to drill it.